Therapeutic Riding; The Whole Step By Step Process

For children suffering from physical, cognitive, emotional, or social disabilities, therapeutic riding programs can be a pathway to increased confidence and freedom. Good therapeutic riding programs are more than just a good-hearted volunteer with a few tame horses. Training and certification is needed to make sure that instructors are qualified to work with horses safely and that they are prepared to work with children with disabilities.

To become a certified instructor, an individual should first

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The Beginning In Therapeutic Riding & Finding The Perfect Location

Many people have heard about the studies that note that children with disabilities benefit from therapeutic riding. Children love to work around the horses and they follow directions easily. University research has noted that children’s social skills improve when interacting with horses. Many riders with disabilities excel in national and international horseback riding events. Children with disabilities can also improve their balance through therapeutic riding. You can find therapeutic riding sessions for children in your

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Therapeutic Riding? Can It Work For Us

If you or one of your loved ones suffers from a disability, you might wonder what you can do to help the situation out. Although there are a lot of different therapy programs out there that you may have tried or are thinking of trying, one excellent option that you should consider is therapeutic riding.

People have been using horses for therapy for many years now, and therapeutic riding can help people of all ages and with all sorts of disabilities. From

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How Can We Start My Child On Therapeutic Riding?

Therapeutic riding involves using horses to aid those with special needs and disabilities. Riding a horse often helps with coordination and strength building. Bonding with a horse is also beneficial psychologically. If you are considering therapeutic riding for your child, here are a few things to consider.

Make sure that your child is the appropriate age for this type of therapy. Most therapeutic riding programs have a minimum age of two years.

The next step is to consult with your child’s medical or psychological caregivers to see if

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What Exactly Is Therapeutic Riding & How Does It Work?

Therapeutic riding is the process of teaching children with disabilities to ride specially trained horses as a form of therapy. It is practiced in most areas of the world and can provide benefits to children with a variety of physical, emotional, social, or cognitive disabilities. Therapists work with certified instructors to teach children skills that will improve coordination, muscle control, strength, balance, flexibility, communication, and build self-esteem and self-confidence.
Along with improving motor skills and self-esteem, learning to ride horses helps children form a special bond with the animals they ride. Developing an attachment to horses may

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Could Therapeutic Riding Help My Disabled Child

Therapeutic Riding is well-known as a therapy method for disabled children. It is especially helpful in enabling children with poor social skills to interact with others. The child develops a bond with an animal much easier than they would with a human. This could be because of the different ways animals and humans respond to social interaction. Humans form bonds through verbal skills, whereas animals form bonds through actions.

Additionally, a disabled child who is introduced to therapeutic riding will learn skills such as companionship,

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Therapeutic Riding Therapy; Private vs. Company

Children who suffer from a disability can benefit immensely by having Therapeutic riding therapy. A private session means that your child or children will receive one on one care and the personal attention they need as opposed to attending a class that has many students and therefore cannot give proper attention to just one student.
Therapeutic riding therapy with a private tutor or teacher also means that a session can be as needed and not for just a specific length of time. This means that the child(ren) will have the best teacher or tutor available for their specific needs

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Volunteer Opportunities Near You

Leave your husband at home this Sunday to watch direc tv Sunday ticket and get out and help some kids! There are great therapeutic riding facilities near you that need your volunteer man-hourshere are a few of the most worthy:
High Hopes – Located in Connecticut, High Hopes is one of the biggest and best maintained therapeutic facilities in the country. Their website actually has a special section for volunteers so

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What Age Range Can Benefit From Therapeutic Riding

Anyone from the age of four up to an adult can benefit from therapeutic riding, however, a doctor must sign a release form before the riding can take place. Therapeutic riding helps to address disabilities and a number of different medical issues. These can be paralysis, stroke, Down’s syndrome, autism, emotional disorders and language development to name a few.

Therapeutic riding benefits wheelchair impaired individuals by stimulating those muscles that are not seldom used. The riding helps improve equilibrium. Those who have learning disabilities will have a better self esteem and a more positive attitude for the first time ever.

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Top Places That Feature Therapeutic Riding

What is therapeutic riding? It is the use of horses and riding to assist children and adults with many types of disabilities. There are many health benefits associated with horse-back riding, and therapeutic riding is focused on helping disabled persons of all ages.

Riding a horse moves the body in a way that helps improve balance and increase flexibility. Studies and research have proven that disabled children and others who participate in therapeutic riding also experience emotional benefits. Students experience increased self-esteem and confidence.

What type of disability can riding therapy help?

Therapeutic riding can help children and adults with

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